Our Approach

The working studio is your space to create, collaborate, and bring your sounds to life. We believe in the people behind each project we work with, and work our tails off to help you develop your potential and realize your ultimate vision. We’ve curated a space that manages to feels homey and yet professional.

Making great art is much more than making a record. It takes each of the humans involved giving their heart and dedication to something most elusive and grand, a combination of discipline and imagination. Having amazing gear at hand is the first step on this journey – yet it is invention and perseverance that aid us in the task of building something more akin to a cathedral than a garden shed – to do this, we ultimately trust people, not the tools (though the tools sure do come in handy).

It is always great to work with people who know their stuff. Nate has accumulated a ton of experience in a variety of settings, and his versatility shows. I was very pleased with the results of our project.
— Rafael Barahona
Nathan A Butler.JPG

Nathan Butler, Lead Engineer & Producer

Amber D Butler.JPG

Amber Butler, Studio Manager


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